How I went from the Philippines to California …
from science to education...

I got my first teaching job right out of college in 1994. I was lecturing in Chemistry and Biology. Then I became the Laboratory Director at the University of Asia and the Pacific (Philippines). A few years later, I was recruited to teach Math and Science at Delano High School in Central California. So I headed to the U.S. 

In 2004, I went to L.A. to join my husband and worked as a Teaching Assistant while I pursued my Masters in Chemistry at Cal State Northridge. While I love science, I didn’t love teaching. 

So when the birth of our first daughter came and I decided to stay home for the first three years, I wasn’t sad to leave teaching behind. 

Once she started preschool, I went back to what I knew: teaching, but only as a substitute. This at least allowed a flexible schedule and time with my growing family. 

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From California to Missouri …
teaching to accounting …

Then in 2013, we decided to move to Missouri to be closer to our family already living there. After over a decade in academia and education, I made a shift to accounting. 

Math was as comfortable to me as science, so this wasn’t a huge leap, but it was one that made sense. I entered into the Accounts Receivable Department for a local family-owned business. We now had two daughters and there was a lot of support and closeness in working as a part of a family business.

Still, there was something that left me feeling like it wasn’t the right fit. I was still going to work every day only to come home at night and be facing parenting, housework, and meal prep. I just didn’t feel like I could be present with my girls when I would get home and feel there were so many things left to do. In thinking about the kind of schedule and lifestyle I really wanted, I discovered:

I wanted to be my own boss and be
more present with my kids more than anything.

So I leapt.

After four years in the accounting department, I left that employment to focus on building my virtual assistant business

I never really had considered starting my own business before. But after years in academia and then working for others, I decided that what was right for me was not traditional employment. My family was supportive. My husband knew I was capable of more and he wanted me fulfilled, engaged. 

My main goal is to be more involved and present in my kids’ lives as they are growing up. And I want to be able to control what I achieve and how much I earn. There is no ceiling for me unless I create one for myself. 

Finally, I’m where I belong:
creating websites and optimizing them for businesses like yours.

In considering my background and my skill set, I realized that my education and experience in the sciences, education, and accounting gave me a wide breadth of analytical and technical skills that would translate well to the online space. Quickly I found myself working as part of teams to build Kajabi sites, manage membership sites, develop landing pages, and learn how to code from scratch. 

Out of everything, what I love the most, is building websites. Setting them up in a way so their owners can have a little breathing room or more time to focus on the power of their own genius. 

Now that you know about me, I’d love the chance to know about you. 

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